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 Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking from Peoples State Bank  allows our internet bank customers the ability to access their accounts and manage their money from anywhere, anytime. Our mobile banking apps are designed for most IOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows devices "see our certifed device list attached." So whatever mobile device you use,  you will have your bank accounts conveniently and securely at your fingertips.

PSBGOMobile features the ability to:

  • View your balance, transfer funds between accounts, make loan payments, view transactions, and review loan information
  • Set up bill payments wherever you are, and whenever you need to.
  • Branch Locates and our ATM's
  • Free to all customers who have signed up for our internet banking product

Enrolling for Mobile banking

  1. Log on to www.psbonline.net Internet banking
  2. Go to services > Mobiliti
  3. Click Enroll
  4. Check the box to "I accept these terms and conditions" and the Continue button will appear after the box is checked.
  5. Click Continue
  6. Choose your time zone and which accounts you wish to display on mobile. You may change the account title displayed if you wish.

Choos the account

After choosing accounts, click on Continue.

Enter in your mobile phone number.

moblie phone

Click Continue, select your service (SMS - Text messaging , WAP - Mobile Browser , APP - Downloadable App).


You will receive an activation code via text to the number you activated. Enter your activation code and hit Activate.

activate your phone

activate successful
You will receive one text message that states that you have activated Text Banking and you will receive another one with a link to launch mobile banking. Open the link to launch mobile banking.
Click on Log In. You will be taken to a page to enter your password, you will not be prompted for your user ID as the mobile link will sync with your Internet Banking. You will only be prompted for your password.

You will see:
       View Accounts
       Transfer Money
       Find ATMs and Branches
      Terms and Conditions

You have the ability to manage certain options for your Mobile phone through Internet Banking:

Go to Services>Fiserv Mobile Money
Click on Manage Devices

You will have three tab options: My Phones, My Accounts, MyProfile:

main menu

Under the My Phone tab the following options will appear to you in the drop down:


If you choose "change my phone number" you will get the following screen where you have the option of changing your mobile phone number to a different one:

 moblie phone

Type in the new mobile phone number and click Next. It will take you back to the screen for an activation code and a new activation code will be sent to the new phone number. Type in the Activation code and click activate. The next screen will say Activation Successful with a link to the Main Menu. Click to go to the Main Menu and you will be taken back in to Manage Devices. Your new mobile phone will get all the same text messages that your current one got when you first enrolled. You will want to begin to use the new link on your new phone.

If you choose "Change my mobile banking services" you will get taken back to the following screen and select or deselect any services you may want to :


 If you choose "Stop using this phone for mobile banking" you will get the following screen and, you will want to click yes.


If you choose Download Application you will get the following screen asking if you want to resend the link for the downloadable app:

download app

If you choose Get a link to the mobile banking website you will get the following screen asking if you want a browser link sent to your phone. Click on Get Link to get the mobile banking link resent to your mobile phone:

 link website

  The My Accounts tab is where you can select or deselect different accounts that you either want to view or not want to view through mobile banking and also change or add a nickname for each account. Once you are done with your selection on this screen click Update Accounts.


 The My Profile tab is where you can change the time zone. Choose the correct time zone and click update



Sending text messages through Mobile

You can send text messages through your mobile phone to get your balance, history, ATM info, Branch address, or to Stop using mobile banking.

     Example: if you want to send a text to get the balance on all of your accounts, you would send a text to 31727 with the following information in the body of the text:                   

                                   BAL 0922 mine

With the balance text you cannot specify a single account, it will always return the balances for all accounts you have activated.
If you want to send a text message to get the history of your checking account, you can specify which account by the nicknames you chose when you selected which accounts you wanted activated in Mobile Money.

                                 HIST 0922 Mine

This will return all history for the account you named ‘Mine’. You can text back the word ‘next’ in order to get more history items for that account. You may receive history as far back as 63 days.